Thursday, February 15, 2024

Winter '23 / '24 - Snow Storm #2: FINAL Results and Storm Summary

MA - Rte 128
Complete forecaster verification table and the FINAL Results / Storm Summary available at NEWxSFC/s home page.

SUMSQ:  sum of square error (")
SUMSQ Z:  Z-score
STP:  storm total precipitation error (")
TAE:  total absolute error (")
AAE:  average absolute error (")
(#):  category rank

Forecast by Observed Snowfall Scatterplots for Top 4 Forecasts

Forecast/s dotted blue line below (above) the Observed snowfall/s solid red line ==> under (over) forecast bias.

Comparison of Top 4 Forecasts and Observed Snowfall by Station

Forecaster Skill Score (measured against NWS ER WFOs)

Positive skill values indicate the degree of a forecast/s improvement over NWS forecasts.

Bias:  the arithmetic difference between the average Forecast snowfall and the average Observed snowfall (avgForecast - avgObserved).


TQ said...

single OB blizzard ...

KHYA 131756Z 03020G35KT M1/4SM +SN FG 00/M01 A2928 RMK AO2 PK WND 02039/1740 SNB29 SLP915 P0001 60020 T00001011 10022 20000 $

Shillelagh said...

Thanks TQ! Always a bridesmaid here..