Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Winter '21 / '22 - 21st Annual 'Season-total' Snowfall Forecast Contest: FINAL Results


Congratulations to Any.Wx for issuing the best season-total snowfall forecast for Winter '21 / '22.

Complete forecaster verification table at the Contest web site.

Forecasters ranked ascending by their Total Absolute Error (TAE).

BLUE ==> 1st Quartile
WHITE ==>  Interquartile range
RED ==> 4th Quartile
ORANGE:  Winter '21 / '22 Chief 'Season-total' Forecaster (winner of  '20 / '21 contest)

The '%MPRV over PORN' metric indicates how much the forecast was an improvement over Period-Of-Record-Normal (PORN).  Skillful forecasts beat PORN.

Forecasters' stations having the lowest absolute error.

Winter '21 / '22 ranks 12th among the 18 Contest seasons since Winter '04 / '05 ... the winter when BGR and BGM were added to the station list.

Season-total snowfall for Winter '21 / 22 for all forecast stations (818") came in 12% below the Period-Of-Record Normal (925").

Station Climo ... Observed Snowfall ... Departure from Normal ... and Percent of Normal Snowfall

DEC snowfall totals:

JAN snowfall totals:

FEB snowfall totals:

MAR snowfall totals:

Season-total snowfall analysis courtesy NOHRSC


1st place prize (delivered post-paid right to Any.Wx/s front door):
... pick of the litter from NEWxSFC/s library of meteorology and weather publications
... the august title 'Chief Season-total Snowfall Forecaster' for Winter '22 / '23
... a well-deserved place of honor with past Contest winners

2nd place prize (delivered post-paid right to Shillelagh/s front door):
... second pick at NEWxSFC/s library of meteorology and weather publications

3rd place prize (delivered post-paid right to kevinmyatt/s front door):
... third pick at NEWxSFC/s library of meteorology and weather publications

Prizes winners: please contact (newxsfc [at] comcast [dot] net) with a USPS address.


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