Monday, December 11, 2023

Winter '23 / '24 - 23rd Annual 'Season-total' Snowfall Forecast Contest: The Forecasts!

NYC - Rockefeller Plaza
All forecasts at Contest/s web site. (direct link to forecast data table here).

Welcome and Good Luck to All 🍀🍀🍀

Senior NEWxSFC forecaster snowman ... having made the best 'season-total' snowfall forecast for Winter '22 / '23 ... is back this year to defend his 'Chief Season-total Forecaster' title.

Forecasters also compete against the Period-of-Record Normal (P-O-R-N) and CONSENSUS.

Table below rank-orders forecasts by ascending season-total snowfall.

BLUE - Quartile 1
RED - Quartile 4
ORANGE - Winter '23 / '24's Chief 'Season-total' forecaster

P-O-R-N - Period-Of-Record Normal
CONSENSUS - average forecast for each station

Forecasts submitted with decimal values have been recorded as such for verification;  however ... rounding was applied for display purposes only.

Forecasters:  22
Total station forecasts:  550 (excluding P-O-R-N & CONSENSUS)

All forecasts at the Contest/s web site. (direct link to forecasts here).

Last five winter's have produced below-normal season-total snowfall.  Probably fair to say we're due.

The 25th annual individual snow storm forecast contests start when the flakes from a contest-worthy storm start flyin'.

'Call for Forecasts' announcements issued on this fine blog ... web site ... Facebook ... and via email.

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