Thursday, April 11, 2024

Winter '23 / '24 - Snow Storm #3: STP Verification - Preliminary

VT - Marshfield cemetery (1953)
Preliminary verification of storm-total snowfalls for WED though FRI based on reporting from CDUS41 (CLI) ... CXUS51 (CF6) ... METARs ... and PNS bulletins issued by NWS.

Excellent coverage and reporting.


Snow-to-liquid ratios (SLR) less than 8:1 are not reported for stations with measurable snowfall b/c significant liquid and / or freezing precipitation also occurred during the verification period.

The 'TOT SLR' field is the quantity-weighted average of those forecast stations with at least an 8:1 SLR.

Stations observing >= Trace:  11 (41%)
Stations observing > Trace:  10 (37%)

Given a station had measurable snowfall; stations observing at least:
4" - 5 (19%)
8" - 4 (15%)
10" - 2 (7%)

MAX snow melt-water (minimum SLR 8:1)
BTV - 1.05"
BGR - 0.71"

MAX precipitation (frozen + freezing + liquid)
PWM - 2.35"
ABE - 2.13"
EWR - 2.03"

New daily snowfall record(s)
BTV - 10" (2.7"; 2004)
BGR - 9" (6"; 2007)
PWM - 7.1" (6.4"; 1915)

Daily snowfall data table

ORANGE: new daily record
GREY:  STP derived from PNS and METARs

Trace amounts (displayed as 0.05") are not included in STP.

Areal distribution of storm-total snowfall

Images courtesy NOHRSC

SFC analysis:  12z ... 04-APR-24

Image courtesy DOC / NOAA / NWS / NCEP / WPC

Please report any errors in Comments along with a link to the correct data.
FINAL results expected NLT FRI evening.  


Don said...

I was in the Jackman, ME area for the solar eclipse. The 13" snow that had fallen in the contest event had been reduced to around 1" average snow cover. During the course of the day, more and more bare spots opened up as the snow continued to melt rapidly. Shaded areas retained somewhat more snow cover. Areas exposed to a lot of sunshine had none.

TQ said...

i wondered about how much snow was left in upstate ME post-Storm #3. sounds like it worked out well for you. we viewed the eclipse through a thin cirrus deck over Mansfield OH. biggest concern in the run-up to the event was the persistent forecast for a low post-frontal overcast which did not materialize. saw the one in '17 from SC. too bad this will be the last one for me b/c they're quite the experience ...

Don said...

I'm happy to hear that you were able to see the recent eclipse. It was crystal clear in Jackman, ME. A few hours earlier, some high clouds passed across the sky, but they were all gone by the time the eclipse got underway. It was an unforgettable experience. I had initially planned to go to Watertown, then Plattsburgh, and considered Montreal and Burlington, before switching to Maine based on the evolving cloud forecasts.