Thursday, March 16, 2023

Winter '22 / '23 - Snow Storm #4: Preliminary STP Verification

NYC - Inwood
204th and Sherman Ave (MAR-1917)
CON and BDR have yet to issue their daily snowfall reports for 3/14 and 3/15.  A review of the METARs suggests little if any additional snowfall was measured so will proceed with the preliminary verification assigning Trace amounts to those stations where CF6 and CLI report missing values.

Preliminary verification of storm-total snowfalls for MON through WED based on reporting from CDUS41 (CLI) ... CXUS51 (CF6) ... METARs ... and PNS bulletins issued by NWS.

Generally excellent coverage and reporting with CON and BDR as the exceptions.

'Trace' STP retrieved from METAR and vicinity reports carried by BOSPNS.

Snow-to-liquid ratio (SLR) not reported for some stations with measurable snowfall b/c significant liquid and / or freezing precipitation also occurred during the verification period.

Stations observing >= Trace:  23 (85%)
Stations observing > Trace:  14 (52%)

Given stations had measurable snowfall; stations observing at least:
4" - 8 (30%)
8" - 5 (19%)
12" - 2 (7%)

MAX snow melt-water (minimum SLR 8:1)
BTV - 1.25"
BGM - 0.32
BGR - 0.25

MAX precipitation (frozen + freezing + liquid)
PVD - 2.91"
BOS - 2.55"
ORH - 2.20"

New daily snowfall record(s)

Daily snowfall data table

Orange cells indicate new daily record.
Grey cells indicate data source as PNS and / or METARs,
Trace amounts (displayed as 0.05") are not included in STP.

Areal distribution of storm-total snowfall

Images courtesy NOHRSC

SFC analysis:  18z ... 14-MAR-23

Image courtesy DOC / NOAA / NWS / NCEP / WPC

Please report any errors in Comments along with a link to the correct data.
FINAL results expected NLT SAT evening.


Anonymous said...

I noticed BTV was late with climate report snow but they did report 9.5" for 14th on CF6, storm total 13.7". -- Roger Smith

TQ said...

BTV STP was a big big surprise for most.
only 1 entry in the ball park.

waiting on CON and BDR.
may have to go with their STP from the PNS.

Anonymous said...

I saw trace only for BDR on the 14th, that was in their daily climate report at one point and also mentioned on storm threads on Am-Wx. Can't vouch for it being accurate but as for CON, they are just missing that add-on amount after midnight for 15th and as it was trace moisture at the ratios of earlier snow it must have been half a trace. :) -- RS

TQ said...

oft times the 'T' will appear in the preliminary afternoon issuance only to change with the final.

sometimes a 1/10" can change the standings -- no so much the SUMSQ measure -- but i don't see that happening this go-round ...