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Thursday, March 5, 2009

QBO - February '09


FEB/s QBO weighs in @ 12.33...a seven month relative maxima coming after three consecutive months of increasing values during which time decreases would otherwise have been expected.

Going back through past positive cycles since 1948 finds a similar fluctuation happened in 1985/6 (16 months > 0). If past is prologue then QBO won/t flip until the start of astro-summer.

(end update)

Original posted 2/26/09

FEB/s QBO should come in @ 10+ when it/s officially reported in early MAR...right where it/s been for the past 8 of 9 months. It dipped briefly below 10 to 9.12 in NOV '08.

Also noteworthy is the lingering...last gasp evidence of this winter/s long-duration SSW event still underway...marked by deep easterly wind (negative values into the board; shaded blue in the plot area over the Pole) in the 10 - 100 mb layer.

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