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Winter '17 / '18 - Snowfall Forecast Contests

19th Annual 'Regular Season' Snowfall Forecast Contest
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1st Place: Brad Yehl
2nd Place: Don Sutherland
3rd Place: NWS ER WFOs
HM: Herb @MAWS

17th Annual 'Season-total' Snowfall Forecast Contest
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1st Place: Don Sutherland
2nd Place: Mitchel Volk
3rd Place: Brad Yehl
Climo: 5th place

Winter '16 / '17 - Snowfall Forecast Contests
18th Annual 'Regular Season'
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16th Annual 'Season-total'
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Winter '12 / '13 - 12th Annual Season-total Forecast Contest: FINAL Results

Donald Rosenfeld FTW!
He was the only forecaster to beat climatology this season.

The 'season-total' snowfall forecast contest/s error statistic is total absolute error.
For each forecast station...the absolute value of (Forecast - Observed) is calculated....then summed.

Forecasts with the lower 'total absolute forecast' errors have more skill than those with higher 'total absolute forecast' errors.

PORN is the 'Period Of Record Normal' or climatology.
Skillful season-total forecasts are those that beat climatology.


Another big season for SNE...especially BDR at 216% of normal...along with BOS and PVD whose 'normal' snowfall falls inside the interquartile range but this season's 'observed' snowfall pushed them in the upper quartile (>= 75 percentile).

Other over-achievers...albeit less notable...were ACY and RIC b/c their 'normal' season-total snowfalls are in the lower 25th percentile of all forecast stations yet they climbed into the interquartile range this winter.

Biggest 'losers' were stations where the 'normal' snowfall is in the upper quartile of all forecast stations yet did not finish the season in the upper quartile.  This year finds CAR...BTV...and BGM on the 'walk of shame.'

Other 'loser' seasons occurred at PHL and IAD.  Their 'normals' fall in the interquartile range but their season-total snowfall put them in the lower quartile.

GREEN - 75th percentile and above.
RED - 25th percentile and below
WHITE - The interquartile range located between the 25th and 75th percentiles.

Everyone's forecast has been verified and posted to the Contest/s web site here.
Hope to see y'all back again next winter.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Donald and thanks to TQ for the contest. See you next winter if not earlier. -- Roger Smith