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Winter '15 / '16 - Snowfall Forecast Contests

17th Annual 'Regular Season'

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No FINAL results this year.
Too few storms (2).

According to the two-thirds rule; forecasters are eligible for inclusion in final standings if they entered
at least two-thirds of all contests. Since there were only two storms this season ... the two-thirds rule was not satisfied
and final standings cannot be determined.

Snow Storm #2
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15th Annual 'Season-total'
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Winter '13 / '14 - Storm #8: Preliminary Verification

Delayed issuance of SBY climate bulletins carried 5" STP coinciding with local media report in PNSAKQ.  CLI STP at odds with METAR data; is what it is.

UPDATE @ 3:42 PM 
Re-analysis of SBY 6-group and P-group data indicates 0.39" liquid and 3.9" STP at 10:1 SN:H2O.

Original post @ 10:01 AM
Preliminary storm-total snowfalls for Sunday and Monday from CDUS41 and CXUS51.

Good coverage and reporting.

SBY/s 1.8" STP estimated from the METAR 6-group at 10:1 SN:H2O.

Six new daily records
IAD - 6.6" (1.6"; 1978)
ACY - 2.2" (1.7"; 1978)

PHL - 4.7" (3.5"; 1892)
IAD - 4.5" (1.9"; 1965)
DCA - 3.9" (1.9"; 1965)
ACY - 3.7" (1.6"; 1965)

Please report any errors in Comments along with a link to the correct data.
Final results Wednesday evening.


Anonymous said...

CF6 shows 5.0" for Salisbury and 7.2" for DCA.

TQ said...


SBY - CF6 and CLI bulletins were silent at post-time. Will mod value to 5".

DCA - CLI is preferred over CF6 b/c CLIs can be corrected. CLI was corrected from 3.3" to 3.8"

No change indicated for DCA.

Anonymous said...

Last or second last? The suspense is killing me. -- RS

TQ said...

Sorry to keep you waiting :)

Final results will go up this evening!

HINT: don't get your hopes up too high.