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Friday, November 1, 2019

Winter '19 / '20 - Eurasia/s OCT Snow Advancement

 UPDATE (31-OCT-19)
Dr. Cohen via Tweeter ..."... the snow cover advance index came in at +0.6.

 "This does suggest a negative winter Arctic Oscillation and upcoming #PolarVortex disruption."

UPDATE (29-OCT-19)
Dr. Cohen via Tweeter ... "October SCE will likely be more than one standard deviation above normal.

"My research shows this favors colder winter temperatures across the N Hemisphere mid-latitudes including East US (sic)"

Original post (17-OCT-19) :
After bolting the gate like a bat out of h3ll ... the advancement of Eurasia/s OCT snow cover appears to be fading fast as it rounds the month/s final curve and heads into the home stretch.

Where's the whip? 🤔
Some NEWxSFC stations enjoy a weak ... yet a statistically significant ... positive correlation with their season-total snowfall and Eurasia/s OCT snow cover.  More OCT snow in Siberia ==> more snow for SNE.

For others -- such as the M-A -- not so much as we found here last winter and here the winter prior.

Image courtesy J. Cohen

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