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Monday, February 18, 2008

Steel Cage Grudge Match - GFS v. NAM / SREF

The screen capture is too dark in its reduced Blogger size. Click it for better resolution.

It/s a comparision of the 84-hour 5H and PMSL fields from today/s 09z SREF and the 12z runs of the NAM / GFS.

Notable 5H amplification differences in the GFS lead to significant differences in the HIGH/s placement prior to precipitation/s onset. The flatter GFS soln pushes the HIGH into the Atlantic Ocean.

The GFS HIGH is offshore directing SE wind into the mid-Atlantic; whereas...the NAM / SREF HIGH is farther west producing northerly wind flow.

The GFS 85H 0°C isotherm (not shown) is along the NC / VA border but it/s ~150 miles farther south along the NC / SC border in the NAM / SREF.

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