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Monday, March 3, 2008

Contest # 8 - Results

Raven...last year/s Season-total Contest winner...made the best forecast for this event with a SUMSQ Error of 24.5" (Z-Score = -1.343).

He hit the trifecta with 1st places finishes for Total Absolute Error (17.05") and Average Absolute Error (0.85"). His 91.4% R-SQ score was highest of all entries.

Raven/s station forecasts had the lowest absolute error @ CAR...PWM...CON...BDR...ABE... MDT...EWR and were perfect @ BDR...ABE...MDT...and EWR.


2nd Place: Donsutherland1 (32.8"; -1.141)
3rd Place: Herb@MAWS (50.3"; -0.714)

Herb@MAWS placed 1st for sum-total storm precipitation with his forecast of 59.7" (58.35" observed).

Full forecast verification and contest summary @ the web site.

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