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Friday, September 18, 2009

Winter '09 / '10 - CPC Outlook (SEPT)

CPC/s 2.5 month long-lead forecast for D-J-F...issued yesterday...continues to reflect their expectation for a strengthening an el Niño event. Last month/s outlook here.

A moderate strength +ENSO event (3-month SSTa between 1°C and 1.5°C) now supported by 11 dynamic and statistical forecast models...up from 9 models in August. This may be a result of the 12-week moving average in Niño 3.4 (data) having reached +0.84°C following three weeks of +0.9°C.

+ENSO favor above-normal snowfall over the mid-Atlantic...especially along coastal regions and northern New England. Throw in an easterly QBO...which favors positive height anomalies at high latitudes during solar minimums...and the ingredients for good snows are beginning to come together.

Climate Prediction Center/s 'ENSO Impact' page here.

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