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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter '10 / '11 - Snow Storm #6 - Preliminary Verification

(updated below)

Preliminary storm-total snowfalls for Wednesday from CDUS41...CXUS51...and of 9 AM Thursday.

CON/s Daily Climate Bulletin did not carry a snowfall report. Verifying storm-total snowfall was estimated at 10".  It was derived from 0.71" liquid precipitation data element carried in CON/s CLIMATE REPORT (CLICON) based on SN:H20 of 14:1

Many stations in the data table do not have SN:H2O reported b/c their totals included mixed precipitation.

Two new daily records.

BTV - 11.3" (6.5"; 1976)
BGR - 10.7" (7"; 2003)

Please report any errors and drop a link to the correct data in Comments.

Final results and storm summary Saturday evening.

The CF6 bulletin (PRELIMINARY LOCAL CLIMATOLOGICAL DATA (WS FORM: F-6) carried 5.7" for CON/s daily snowfall on 02-FEB.  Hard to believe the daily snowfall total was less than 10:1 given the METARs showed temperatures in the teens and no mixed precipitation was observed.

The CF6 value from ASOS will be used for verification.


Anonymous said...

The estimate for Concord's 2/2 snowfall has just been posted on the F-6. That figure is 5.7".

TQ said...

Thx * 10^6