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Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter '11 / '12 - Snow Storm #2 - Call for Forecasts - Take Two

Appears to be a sloppy Miller 'B' storm poised to rake much of New England come Wednesday followed by the remnants of the parent LOW on Thursday.  Moderate strength HIGH to the north expected to keep columns cold enough to support a contest-worthy storm.

Might as well fuggetabout the classic nor'easter this season.

The contest may be canceled prior to the deadline if NWP indicates a fizzling event.

Forecast element: storm-total snowfall
Deadline for entries: 10:30 PM EST TUE...28-FEB-12

Verification period begins: 12:01 AM WED...29-FEB-12
Verification period ends: 11:59 PM THU...01-MAR-12

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As always...there/s no cost...or fee...or advertising...or annoying requests for personal information to enter a forecast. It's just a fun exercise among winter wx enthusiasts to see who can make the best synoptic-scale snowfall forecast.

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Anonymous said...

22.7 for Fargo -- RS

TQ said...

Hoping some of that comes east.