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Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter '13 / '14 - Storm #1: Preliminary Verification

Preliminary storm-total snowfalls for Saturday and Sunday from CDUS41...CXUS51...and PNS bulletins. BGR appears low given reports of 10" in the immediate vicinity.

Three new daily records.

EWR - 4.3" (4.2"; 1951)
ISP - 4.1" (1.2"; 1988)

PWM - 10.6" (10.3"; 2003)

Please report any errors and drop a link to the correct data in Comments.

Final results available TUE evening.


Anonymous said...

BDR: 4.0"

TQ said...


The CF6 reports 5" which is also the 1) record snowfall amount and 2) report from a Bridgeport COOP, so maybe some fat-fingering in the bulletin.


See no reason not to accept 4" as the official amount.

TQ said...

After further review, 5" appears to be the best number for BDR.

The 7 PM PNS report of 3.2" was followed by three more hours of snow (0.19 melted) before changeover to FZRA.

BDR's CF6 carries 5"

BDR's CLI bulletin carries 4" which is not supported by the METARs.

Small differences in one station's STP in most cases has little effect on the Contest outcome.

TQ said...

BGR has been amended to 10" in light of proximity reports of the same amount from Brewer and BGR 1 SW.

Anonymous said...

They call me the Long Island Legend. -- Roger Smith