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Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter '14 / '15 - Storm #2: The Forecasts!

Rookies 0
Interns 0
Journeymen 2
Senior 12
TOT 14

Total station forecasts: 357

Forecasts are ranked by their storm-total precipitation (STP).
BLUE ==> 25th percentile.
RED ==> 75th percentile.
STP cells without color are between the 25th and 75th percentile.

Heaviest snowfall (+20") consensus along a line from BOS - PVD - ISP - BDR - BDL - ORH - BOS.
CPC/s tele-connection data file is FUBAR today ... so there/s no trend analysis graphic.
NEWxSFC can report the AO is and has been positive and trending up ... the NAO is and has been positive and trending up ... and the PNA is and has been positive and trending down.
How is it even remotely possible to have an historic snow storm along the east coast when all the supposedly important tele-connections indices are upside-down?
The so-called '93 'Storm of the Century' had the same issues.

Forecaster/s station-by-station entries for Storm #2 available at the Contest/s web site.

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