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21st Annual 'Snow Storm' Snowfall Forecast Contest
Season ended as quickly as it started.
No winner this go'round ... too few storms (minimum of three required)

Snow Storm #1 (01-DEC-19)
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20th Annual 'Snow Storm' Snowfall Forecast Contest
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18th Annual 'Season-total' Snowfall Forecast Contest
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Monday, April 8, 2019

Winter '18 / '19 - Season-total Snowfall Forecast Contest: Preliminary STP Verification

UPDATE (08-APR-19 @ 11:55 AM EDT)
Added links to monthly snowfall totals

Original post (06-APR-19 @ 6:42 PM EDT)

Preliminary sum-total season snowfalls for the verification period 01-DEC-18 though 31-MAR-19 collected from monthly climate bulletins (CLMxxx; CXUS51 ... CXUS52).

Seven forecast stations (28% of all stations) with bonus season-total snowfalls [more than Period-Of-Record-Normal (P-O-R-N)].

Rank ordered descending by percent of P-O-R-N.

Green ==> 75th percentile
White ==> Interquartile range (< 75th & > 25th percentiles)
Red ==> 25th percentile

Please report any errors in Comments along with a link to the correct data.
FINAL results expected NLT SUN evening.

Winter '18 / '19 monthly snow totals


Unknown said...

Hope you're feeling better.

Every seasonal forecast had more snow than actually fell. Our only forecast below P-O-R-N was 98% (snowman) and even he was 114" too high. But I like his chances to win this. You won't have to change the order very much in the table you already have anyway. :) -- Roger Smith

TQ said...

I'm on the mend but can only work for limited periods.

Season-total snowfalls rank 11th out of 15 (04/05 thru 18/19).
You're right about the table not needing much re-ordering.

So much for the CW about warm ENSO & bonus snows.

Don said...

TQ, I am sorry to learn this. I hope you will get better soon.