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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter '09 / '10 - C-C-C-O-L-D December

Takes ~3 weeks for 10 mb signatures to reach the troposphere

Unless your winter outlook is all-in for a mild DEC in the eastern CONUS...what's not to like about HIGH pressure parked in PNA-land as the winter solstice approaches?


Mr. Foot said...


Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

I appreciate you posting that 2M temp info, it is actually something I was trying to incorporate into the post, but was running out of time before my children awoke and had to get finished.

Agreed that BL temps not supportive of flakes reaching the surface, but might be an impressive looking virga signature.

The maps and charts you have would be valuable resources for the student climate teleconnector project we're working on. May I have your permission to link to those and credit your site?

Beyond that-- I am also interested to know if you could serve as an expert resource for the 2 teachers involved in our project. This would be occasional email correspondance between the three of us- and mainly to get your professional reaction to the data and analysis put together by the classes. I think they would be absolutely thrilled to know a one-time NOAA meteorologist was participating with them!

TQ said...

Happy Thanksgiving to well.

Link away...Mr. Foot! There are many great resources available that sometimes fly under the radar.

I/m e-mailing you a message later this AM about your proposal.