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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter '12 / '13 - Storm #3: Preliminary Verification

Preliminary storm-total snowfalls for Friday and Saturday from CDUS41...CXUS51...and PNS bulletins.

Several stations in the data table do not have SN:H2O reported b/c their liquid totals included either mixed precipitation...gross errors...or missing data.

HYA estimated STP derived from the average between Centerville (6") to the west and South Yarmouth to the east (8") per PNSBOX.

Six new daily records.
Double-header at MacArthur airport.

ISP - 16.7" (6"; 1994)
ORH - 15.2" (7"; 1945)
BDL - 13.4" (?"; 1945)

BGR - 16.2" (8.6"; 1969)
BOS - 14.8" (12.4"; 1994)
ISP - 11.1" (2"; 1994)

Please report any errors and drop a link to the correct data in Comments.

Final results and storm summary Monday evening.


Anonymous said...

On the prelim CF6 they have Hartford at 25.0 and Bridgeport at 30.0 -- just a question, are those values corrected to the ones you have, or vice-versa? Can see there is something odd with Hartford, they report the liquid equivalent for Saturday as 4 inches and change, which seems way off. Otherwise I think the CF6 reports are the same as what's posted here.
-- RS

TQ said...

Thx for posting your observations.
I also noted those reported values...esp. the 4" liquid.

My preference for verification is the CDUS41 aka Daily Climate
CLI) bulletin b/c it/s updated throughout the day whereas the
CF6 is issued once a day.

BDR/s CLI...issued at 1 AM Sunday...carried 11.6" and
changed at 10:38 AM to 8.6".

BDL: 13.4" + 8.9" = 22.3"
CF6: 13.4" + 11.6" = 25"

BDR: 18.3" + 11.5" = 29.8"
CF6: 18.5" + 11.5" = 30"

Bottom line...the standings do not change no matter which values are used.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, I wasn't sure which source was more reliable. Not contest-related, just for general interest as I sometimes report on "final" amounts from the CF6, seems I should maybe use the other source instead. -- RS