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Winter '15 / '16 - Snowfall Forecast Contests

17th Annual 'Regular Season'

Season has ended.
No FINAL results this year.
Too few storms (2).

According to the two-thirds rule; forecasters are eligible for inclusion in final standings if they entered
at least two-thirds of all contests. Since there were only two storms this season ... the two-thirds rule was not satisfied
and final standings cannot be determined.

Snow Storm #2
FINAL Results here

15th Annual 'Season-total'
Verified forecasts here

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter '12 / '13 - Storm #4: Final Results

1st - Brad Yehl
SUMSQ Z:-1.127 
STP:4.81 (3)
TAE:7.39 (1)
AAE:0.34 (1)
2nd - herb@maws
SUMSQ Z:-0.959 
STP:10.86 (5)
TAE:13.94 (2)
AAE:0.63 (3)
3rd - weatherT
SUMSQ Z:-0.600 
STP:0.61 (1)
TAE:19.39 (6)
AAE:0.81 (4)
HM - Donald Rosenfeld
SUMSQ Z:-0.543 
STP:9.50 (4)
TAE:14.10 (3)
AAE:0.61 (2)

SUMSQ: sum of square errors
STP: storm-total precipitation error
TAE: total absolute error
AAE: average absolute error
(number):  category rank

Full forecast verification and summary for Storm #4 at the Contest/s web site.

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