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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Retro Heat Ridge

Today/s D+10 ECMWF and GooFuS progs have kissed and made up following their recent spate of dissonant solns regarding the evolution of a La Nina-style heat-ridge parked over the SW ATL Ocean. Also note the hi-latitude block indicative of a strong negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation.

Should be good and chilly in the E and with the full latitude trof...good baroclinicity and opportunities for coastal storms.

There/s been talk of late in some 'well respected' quarters about a mid-month return to warmth -- as in 'abnormally warm' warmth -- when the full fx of La Nina become firmly established. It/s hard to see where that/s indicated or even remotely suggested if the D+10 and D+15 GFS ensemble means are to be believed.

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