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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter '09 / '10 - Coastal Teaser #2

The European starting showing signs of life in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and offshore from Georgia the last few runs.  Today...GooFuS came on board after several days of sending the storm out to sea.

Prospects for a Miller 'A' storm coming up the coast now looms in the medium range. 

Extension of the parent arctic air mass... centered south of Hudson Bay...will be over land as far south as CHS on Saturday... providing an excellent baroclinic zone along the SE coast for cyclogenesis as short-wave dives into base of trof on NW flow aloft.

Progressive westerlies currently progged suggest storm will skirt the M-A coast and not affect SNE.  More energy entering into the trof from the NW than forecast may cause a more northerly trajectory of the surface LOW.

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