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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter '09 / '10 - Snow Storm #2 - Call for Forecasts

Two weeks to the day since the last contest-worthy snow storm. Latest NWP forecasts indicate this event will affect mainly northern forecast stations over a two-day period as the surface LOW meanders around the Gulf of Maine.

This storm won/t spawn from the typical winter wx regime where the mid-upper level westerlies amplify...the wavelength shortens...and a nor-easter gains latitude as it comes up the east coast. If anything...the long-wave pattern is de-amplifying...evidenced by decreasing PNA index values. This weekend/s storm is a child of a down-stream Rex block formed by a strong...closed anti-cyclone over Greenland. HPC mentions 'phasing' a few times in HPC/s afternoon 'Heavy Snowfall Discussion' (HSD) call goes out for forecasts.

Deadline: 10:30 PM EST FRI...01-JAN-10

Forecast element: storm-total snowfall

Verification begins: 12:01 AM EST SAT...02-JAN-10
Verification ends: 11:59 PM EST SUN...03-JAN-10

Enter your forecast at the Contest web site here.
Follow the link from 'Enter Storm Forecast.'

As always...there/s no cost...or fee...or annoying requests for personal information to enter.  Just a fun exercise to see who can make the best synoptic-scale snowfall forecast.

If you are issuing your first forecast this year...or you entered the 'season-total' forecast need to create an account (user name / password / valid e-mail...if you want a copy of your forecast sent to your Inbox) before submitting your entry.

Image:  Millville...NJ

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