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Winter '17 / '18 - Snowfall Forecast Contests

19th Annual 'Regular Season' Snowfall Forecast Contest
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1st Place: Brad Yehl
2nd Place: Don Sutherland
3rd Place: NWS ER WFOs
HM: Herb @MAWS

17th Annual 'Season-total' Snowfall Forecast Contest
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1st Place: Don Sutherland
2nd Place: Mitchel Volk
3rd Place: Brad Yehl
Climo: 5th place

Winter '16 / '17 - Snowfall Forecast Contests
18th Annual 'Regular Season'
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16th Annual 'Season-total'
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

AO and NAO - NHEMI Air Temperature Variability

Winter Northern Hemisphere surface air temperature variability
associated with the Arctic Oscillation and North Atlantic Oscillation

"The paper shows that the NAO and the AO have different impacts on winter NH (surafce air temperature) SAT. The variability of other atmospheric variables related to the AO and the NAO is discussed."
A bit wonkish...but a still a good read.

Dongxiao Wang,1 Chunzai Wang,2 Xiaoyi Yang,1 and Jian Lu3
Published 20 August 2005.

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