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Saturday, November 22, 2008

La Nina is Back

So sayeth EBerry...

"...tropical forcing does have a MJO component to it, projecting ~1.5 sigma in octant 5...~2 sigma in octant 4 with the interannual component left in. There has been eastward propagation of ~5-6 m/s along the equator for the past couple of weeks."
"Global relative AAM (plots updated through 20 November) is ~1 standard deviation (1 AMU) above the R1 data climatology, working with ~ plus 40 Hadley positive global tendency."
"At times, during the last several weeks, there have been well defined projections onto a positive phase of the Branstator (2002) circumglobal teleconnection (anomalous midlatitude ridges)."

Who among us could argue anything but?

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