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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Winter '17 / '18 - Coastal Teaser: #2

Snow Storm #6 may be in the cards mid-week at the start of NEWxSFC/s fourth quarter.

Upper LOW currently over the PAC NW ejects to the east ... then deepens as its progression b/comes retarded by high-latitude blocking.  Miller 'B' cyclogenesis progged off the VA Capes followed by a slow crawl up the coast suggesting a long duration event.

Should the present trend in NWP output continue ...
Call for Forecasts:  MON ... 05-MAR-18
Deadline for entries:  10:30 PM EST ... TUE ... 06-MAR-18
Verification period:  12:01 AM EST ... WED ... 07-MAR-18 till TBD

NEWxSFC/s email client has been off-line for over a week with no estimated return-to-service date.

Watch this space.

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