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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Winter '17 / '18 - Snow Storm #6: The Forecasts!

Rookie   -
Intern   1
Journey  -
Senior   9
GOVT    1
PWSP    1
TOT  12

All forecasts posted to the Contest/s web site. (direct link)

Forecasts ranked by their verification period storm-total precipitation (STP).
BLUE = 25th percentile
RED >= 75th percentile
White STP and 4cast cells range between the 25th and 75th percentile

NWS ER WFOs (GOVT) and PWSP (Private Weather Service Provider) forecasts derived from public issuances current at the deadline.

Heaviest snowfall (>= 10") consensus along and to the right of BGR - PWM - CON - ORH - ABE - ALB - BGR.  Snow cones expected at ALB and CON.

AO regime change FTW!


Anonymous said...

No idea how the scoring will go for this, I can see hits and misses all over the table ... in my case, I hit ABE and MDT with low amounts ... some others will like the big totals at ORH and PWM. I think BGM is getting a bit of a top up and BTV has snow still falling but otherwise the system is largely done now. -- Roger Smith

TQ said...

2nd time in recent memory the storm center / heavy snow axis was analyzed much farther east than progged.

Today/s late afternoon STP reports showed CAR ... BTV ... and BGM picking up another inch or so which had an noticeable effect on the top standings.

TQ said...

Graphic mistakenly includes a data point from 18-FEB-18.