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Winter '17 / '18 - Snowfall Forecast Contests

19th Annual 'Regular Season' Snowfall Forecast Contest
- FINAL Results here
1st Place: Brad Yehl
2nd Place: Don Sutherland
3rd Place: NWS ER WFOs
HM: Herb @MAWS

17th Annual 'Season-total' Snowfall Forecast Contest
- FINAL Results here
1st Place: Don Sutherland
2nd Place: Mitchel Volk
3rd Place: Brad Yehl
Climo: 5th place

Winter '16 / '17 - Snowfall Forecast Contests
18th Annual 'Regular Season'
FINAL results here

16th Annual 'Season-total'
FINAL results here

Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter '17 / '18 - Snow Storm #7: The Forecasts!

UPDATE:  17-MAR-18 @ 12:40 PM EDT
Corrected 'Consensus Forecasts and Extremes' chart.

Rookie   -
Intern   1
Journey  -
Senior   8
GOVT    1
PWSP    -
TOT  10

All forecasts posted to the Contest/s web site. (direct link)

Forecasts ranked by their verification period storm-total precipitation (STP).
BLUE = 25th percentile
RED >= 75th percentile
White STP and 4cast cells range between the 25th and 75th percentile

NWS ER WFOs (GOVT) forecasts derived from public issuances current at the deadline.

Heaviest snowfall (>= 12") consensus along and to the right of CAR - BGR - PWM - BOS - PVD - ORH - PWM - CAR.  Snow cone expected at BGR.

AO FTW! (again).

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