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Monday, January 29, 2007

FWIW - Verification of NCEP Week2 5H Z Anoms

Remember this?

It/s NCEP/s Ensemble Mean forecast for 500 mb height anomalies VT 1/26/2007...issued January 12. good were the action center predictions?

500 mb height anomalies

Negative height anomalies...
...over NE CONUS verified farther N and E over the CN Maritimes
...over SW CONUS had minor displacement error N and W
...along and W of the IDL verified along IDL but farther E over the Aluetians
...over Greenland missed the NAO ridge.

Positive height anomalies...
...NW CN verified spot on
...ATL along ~40°N missed broad trof from CN Maritimes to NW Africa.

Good skill with PNA-type ridge-W...but completely missed the NAO dipole.

500 mb heights

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