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19th Annual 'Regular Season' Snowfall Forecast Contest
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1st Place: Brad Yehl
2nd Place: Don Sutherland
3rd Place: NWS ER WFOs
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Contest # 4 - Call for Forecasts

Latest SR NWP guidance suggests quite a few M-A and NE stations in play Friday and Saturday when a moisture rich...late season nor'easter makes its turn up the coast. The storm should be a good opportunity for another round of snowfall forecasts.

Entry Deadline: Thursday...15 March 2007 @ 10:30 PM EDT.

Verification begins 12:01 AM EDT Friday...16 March 2007 and ends 11:59 PM EDT Saturday...17 March 2007.

Your forecast must be entered via the Contest/s web site. Follow the link to ‘Enter Storm Forecast.’

Forecasters will need to register once before entering...even if they were registered last year. Registration is simple...requiring only a user name and password. If you provide a valid e-mail address...a copy of your forecast will be sent to you immediately after your entry is submitted. Please ensure your browser is enabled to accept first-party cookies.

All forecasts will be posted to the NE_Wx Google Group by the Contest Administrator before 11 PM EDT Thursday...15 March 2007 and to the Contest web site by Friday evening.

Contest updates are posted on the Contest/s web log.

The NE.Wx Snowfall Forecast Contest (NEWxSFC) is a multi-month event that continues into late March or early April. In general...contests are held whenever a decent... synoptic-scale storm rears its head and threatens at least a half-dozen forecast stations with more than nuisance snowfall amounts. Forecasters are called to post their 'storm total' snowfall predictions...on deadline...for 27 NWS / FAA observing stations scattered about New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions.

You can find the Contest Rules and additional information about Error Scoring... current monthly snowfall climatology from NCDC...daily CPC teleconnection indices... daily NESDIS N-Hemi snow cover...and NWS Daily Climate Bulletins (CDUS41) at the contest/s web site.

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