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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Snowfall Summary - DEC '07

Bonus snows were observed over much of the Northeast in December...with some stations getting up to three and half times their period-of-record normal (PORN) amounts.

BOS snowfall of 27.7" was 360% PORN (7.7") and amounts to 68% of D-J-F-M PORN (41").
CON snowfall of 44.5" is 78% of their D-J-F-M PORN (57.3"). DEC normally contributes 24% of the CON/s season-total snowfall and 19% @ BOS.

Most stations...where DEC snowfall was well in excess of PORN...also observed below normal temperatures. BGR had the greatest departure of -4°F. The exception was ACY where DEC/s snowfall of 4.4" was 183% of PORN and temperatures were 1.7°F above normal.

RED ==> Top 25%
BLUE ==> Bottom 25%
White ==> everywhere in between

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