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Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter '09 / '10 - Snow Storm #4 - Final Results

NEWxSFC Rookie forecaster Roger Smith has won this season/s 4th snowfall forecast contest with a SUMSQ error of 392.2"...a 55% improvement over the average SUMSQ error of 876". His Z-score was a respectable -1.218.

Roger also placed 1st in the 'average absolute error' category with an average error of 2.7" per station (24 stations forecast).
He had the lowest station errors @BOS...MDT...BWI...and ORF.

Congratulations Roger Smith!

2nd Place: catatonia  (SUMSQ error: 493.2"; Z-score: -0.964)
3rd Place:  wxfox51*  (500.5"; -0.946)
Honorable Mention: herb @ maws (521"; -0.894)


Full forecast verification...storm summary...and final results at the Contest web site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I lucked out a bit there, but to give credit where due, some copy has gone missing and it was "wxfrisch" who had the best forecasts at those four stations.

I was impressed by the verifying 30-inch plus forecasts made by several people for IAD.

This was definitely a Nick Faldo eighteen-par sort of win, but save my seat at the back of the bus. -- Roger Smith

TQ said...

Nicely done...Roger.