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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter '09 / '10 - Snow Storm #5 - Preliminary Verification

Preliminary storm-total snowfalls for Tuesday and Wednesday from CDUS41...METARs...and PNS bulletins.

No climate report for SBY at post-time. AKQPNS carried a report of 8" from law enforcement. The snowfall total seems reasonable when plotted along with other reports from the immediate area. This value may be revised if CDUS41 or CF6 bulletins are issued before final verification.

No spotter report for HYA in BOXPNS. The 11-FEB-10 METAR at 12z carried a 7/group report of 0.78". That was reduced by 0.01" to account for a brief period of rain which fell during the verification period. Storm-total snowfall was estimated at 6.8" by applying an 8.8:1 ratio...the observed ratio at PVD.

Eleven new daily records.
PHL - 6" (5.5"; 2006)
IAD - 11.5" (2"; 1980)

BDR - 4.8" (1.9"; 1967)
BGM - 4" (2.3"; 2003)
ISP - 9.2" (T; 2008)
JFK - 11.1" (2.5"; 1967)
ABE - 17.3" (4.2"; 1926)
PHL - 9.3" (8.7"; 1926)
EWR - 13.2" (2.6"; 1964)
BWI - 15.5" (9.8"; 1926)
IAD - 9.3" (0.5"; 1986)

New daily snowfall records at ABE...PHL...and BWI were established on Wednesday. The old records were set in 1926.  Storm evolution was similar for both events with decaying parent LOW over OH and secondary development / Miller 'B' forming off the Carolina coast.

Here are the surface maps from FEB 9th and 10th...1926...courtesy NOAA's Daily Wx Maps archive.

Note the parent LOW over OH and the initial evidence of secondary / Miller 'B' development off the Carolina coast on the 09-FEB chart.

The 10-FEB chart shows the coastal LOW at 40°N with a minimum central pressure below 29.20" Hg (988.8 mb). Nantucket's 8 AM pressure was reported as 29.16" Hg (987.5 mb) with a 12-hour change of 0.58" Hg (19.6 mb) and a wind speed of 52 MPH (45 KTS).

Please report errors and a link to the correct data in Comments.
Final results and storm summary Friday evening.

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