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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter '10 / '11 - Snow Storm #5 - The Forecasts

EDIT:  a double-entry for Roger Smith was removed.  The forecast data table at the Contest's web site has been updated.

14 13 entries

1 Rookie
4 2 Intern forecasters
1 Journeyman forecasters
7 Senior forecasters including Chief forecaster Ira Libov.

All forecasts have been posted to the Contest's home page.
Follow the link from Storm #5.

Entries are ranked in ascending order by 'storm-total' snowfall.
Please check you entry for accuracy.

Larger than usual range of expected storm-total snowfall...
Min: 56" (Roger Smith) Min: 67" (Donald Rosenfeld)
Max: 188" (iralibov)
Avg: 120" Avg: 125"
Median: 123" Median: 124"
STD: 35" STD: 31"

Heaviest snowfall axis expected to fall inside ORH - BOS - PVD - ISP -EWR - ORH


Anonymous said...

Hi, can you edit that list as I submitted an upgraded forecast (before the deadline) and so the list shows my two entries, the higher total is the contest entry.

Thanks -- Roger Smith.

TQ said...

Hadn't noticed the duplicate entry.

Thx Roger.