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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter '11 / '12 - 1st Quarter: Oh So Slow Start

E. 165th St - Bronx...NY
Ist quarter of MET-winter will apparently come quietly to a close in a few days without a single contest-worthy snow storm.

Slow starting seasons aren't at all common but they have happend.

The '06-'07 season didn't start until 12-FEB.  Once the storms started rolling tho...they came somewhat fast and maybe a little furious with another one in late February... two during the 1st half of March...and one last pathetic gasp in mid-April.

Back then...a weak el Niño was fading...AO averaged 1.612...PDO averaged 0.06...and +QBO was well on its way to flipping to the east.

The only common factor between the two seasons was the persistently positive AO.

There are signs the AO may flip but that would be several weeks away.

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