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Snow Storm #1
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter '11 / '12 - Snow Storm #1 - The Forecasts

Welcome back everyone.
The kick-off event was a l-o-n-g time coming.  Here/s hoping it/s not the last!

Eight entries.
6 Senior forecasters...including NEWxSFC/s Chief forecaster donsutherland1
1 Journeyman
1 Intern

Congratulations to...
WeatherT on being promoted to Senior forecaster
Roger Smith on being promoted to Journeyman forecaster
Brad Yehl on being promoted to Intern forecaster

NEWxSFC/s Chief forecaster is the winner of last year/s 'storm-total' contest.
Senior forecasters have a minimum of three years experience.
Journeyman forecasters have two years experience.
Intern forecasters have one year experience.
Rookie forecasters are rookies.

All forecasts have been posted to the Contest/s web site.
Follow the 'Winter '11 / '12 Storm Contest Forecasts  Storm #1' link.

Entries are ranked by 'storm total' forecast.

Large range of expected storm-total snowfall...
Min: 30" (Roger Smith)
Max: 78" (Mitchel Volk)
Avg: 56"
Median: 54"
STD: 15"

Consensus heavy snowfall (+4") axis expected to fall inside HYA - PVD - BDR - ABE - MDT - EWR - BDL - HYA.

Little help from teleconnections.

Thanks to Donald Rosenfeld for hosting the Contest web site again this year.  Donald/s continued support has been instrumental in the keeping the annual NEWxSFC going for many years.

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