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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Center of Attention

The surface LOW pressure center passed just S of Westhampton Beach , NY...home of the KFOK ASOS this afternoon. ASOS observed it passage just before 3 PM EST (20z).

Note the breezy 17G25KT wind from the ENE back into NW then N...and diminish to all of 3KT. Blowin' like stink one minute...almost dead calm the next. About 35 minutes of becalmed conditions ended when the backside of the LOW blew in on a 24G33KT wind bringing FZRA and sharply colder temperatures with it. The temperature fell 8°C (~14°F) in about 90 minutes. The 40°F mP dew point dropped to 25°F in cP.

141853Z 04017G25KT 1SM -RA BR BKN006 OVC010 03/02 A2899
141914Z 07011KT 1 1/4SM -RA BR OVC004 03/02 A2896
141953Z 33005KT 1 3/4SM -RA BR OVC004 05/04 A2895
142003Z 35003KT 2SM BR OVC004 04/03 A2894
142017Z 31007KT 1 1/2SM BR BKN004 OVC007 04/03 A2895
142043Z 33024G33KT 2SM -FZRA BR OVC002 M01/M02 A2896
142053Z 32023G29KT 2SM -FZRA BR OVC004 M02/M03 A2898
142116Z 32024G32KT 3SM -FZRA BR OVC004 M03/M04 A2903
142121Z 32027G34KT 2SM -FZRA BR OVC006 M03/M04 A2903
142129Z 31024G34KT 1 1/4SM -FZRA BR OVC006 M03/M04 A2904

The reason the horizontal wind stops blowing in the center of circulation is b/c all the air movement is going straight up.

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