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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Contest # 2 - The Forecasts

Forecasters: 12
New: 3
Veterans: 9

Always good to see new forecasters along with the old hands. Good luck to all.

The consensus heavy snow axis runs from MDT - BGM - ISP - EWR - MDT with a max of 6" at ABE.

All individual forecasts have been posted to the NEWxSFC web site. Follow the link to 'Latest Forecasts.' The forecasts are ranked from minimum to maximum storm total snowfall (STP) for all stations.

Minimum STP: 22.45" - Donald Rosenfeld
Maximum STP: 116" - edhoffman503
Average STP: 58.95"
Median STP: 52.75"
10th percentile: 43.1"
90th percentile: 86.1"

Verification snowfall amounts will be posted Tuesday evening. They are considered preliminary and subject to change / challenge for 24 hours.

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