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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Contest # 2 - Results

Rookie Forecaster pjc368 issued the best forecast for NEWxSFC/s Snow Storm #2.

pjc368 placed 1st in 'SUMSQ Error'...'Total Absolute Error'...and 'R²' categories of forecast skill. Bold forecasts for CAR and BTV put him over the top.

Close call for 2nd place where donsutherland1 edged out TQ by 0.1 SUMSQ Error points!

Full results and summary @ the Contest web site.

Follow the link under Forecasts to 'Contest #2' to see the complete...station-by-station forecast verification.

Follow the link under Results to 'Contest #2' to see forecast and contest summary information.


Inudaw said...

That was a great forecast and was close. I congradulate pjc368 for the fantastic job the person did.

As far as my forecast goes... BGR station killed my sum squared. Was fun.. hope to do it again soon.

TQ said...

I remember pjc from the WX boards @ AOL and how I used to give him such a hard time for the nonsense he would post...but Big-time congrats to Pat!