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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Teslacles/s Deviant to Fudd/s Law

On the afternoon of December 16...a rapidly deepening secondary LOW had moved to a position over Lower NY Bay... having advanced NE hugging the shorelines of VA...MD...and NJ during the morning.

The center of circulation passed directly over NDBC/s moored buoy 44017 around sunset...evidenced by the becalmed wind observation just before the minimum pressure was recorded.

The green pressure trace below reveals a 24-HR pressure fall of 1.45" Hg (~49 mb) which...after Sanders... more than constitutes a 'meteorological bomb.'

Sanders 'bomb' definition related to explosive cyclogenesis where the 24-hour pressure fall was greater than or equal to 1 mb per hour @ 60°N.

The reason the surface wind had approached zero as it migrated past the buoy was b/c converging air...brought to the LOW/s center by the pressure gradient force...had no where else to go but up.

Here we have a real-time example of meteorology/s 'Continuity Equation'...which is all about 'Conservation of Mass'...also known in some quarters as 'Teslacale/s Deviant' corollary ("What goes in...must come out") to Fudd's Law (“If you push something hard enough, it will fall over”).

None of this purports to answer the age-old musical question..."How can you be in two places @ once...when you/re not a-n-y-where @ all?"

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