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Friday, December 21, 2007

That 70s Show

Made a post @ StormVista this evening about what to 'expect' next month based on inferences from this winter/s leading analog year 1970. You can find it here. If you/re a SV see graphics embedded in the post. have to click go ahead a sign up.

It made sense to make the post over there b/c their platform has far superior graphic handling and text formatting capabilities than Blogger.

Gist of the post:
  • 1970 is a strong analog for this winter based on 'least squares' regression of MEI and QBO values.
  • MSLP analysis for 12/9 - 12/18 show remarkable similarity between '07 and '70.
  • Analysis of JAN 1971 5H Z and SFC T anomalies suggest a cold and stormy JAN '08 lay ahead.
  • Analogs are fun but not very reliable.
Cold and stormy are our watch words @ NEWxSFC.

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