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Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Storm #5: Preliminary Verification

Preliminary storm-total snowfalls from CDUS41...PNS...and CF6 bulletins for Saturday and Sunday.

One new daily record.
BGM - 5.5" (5.3"; 1957)

ORH/s 3.1" value is suspect and should be rejected based on vicinity SN:H2O and spotter report, and empirically-derived SN:H2O estimates.

Vicinity SN:H2O calculations were ~14:1...which suggests ORH storm-total snowfall was 4.6".

A Worcester ham radio spotter reported 4.8".

KORH/s SN:H2O...based on 0.33" liquid 9.4". Surface temperatures during the storm ranged between 16° and 19°...which supports a SN:H20...based on empirical evidence...of 20:1 or 6.5".

KORH is notorious for underreporting snowfall b/c their SN:H2O is always 10:1.

Recommend KORH/s STP be adjusted to 4.6" for this event.

Please report errors in Remarks.
Final results and storm summary Tuesday evening.

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