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Friday, December 15, 2006

Michaelangelo: The Clock/s Ticking Dude

The restlessness is palatable and it has the unmistakabe taste of anchovies.

Will this year end up being another Steinbeck winter of discontent?

If you need a sports metaphor to know where we are at this 3rd and 10...10 minutes into the first quarter.

The home team is scoreless and coming to bat in the bottom of the second inning. So what if we boggied the first three holes. Still believe we/ll own the back nine.

Models can tease all they want but the cold air just ain/t there over here. It/s all over there in Uzbekistan...Kyrgystan...Hotdogstan... and Trashcanistan. only the middle of December...a mere 15 days into MET winter. The Id assures us there are at least 75 days to go but come on...

Rationalization #2
It/s an +ENSO winter. Past Decembers have been wet and warm. Janaurys have been cold but sometimes dry. February/s the month to die for...right?

Rationalization #3
The month of March is still in play for New England... which adds a least another 15 days to the season.

Rationalization #4
QBO-W flips early. Beckett stops waiting for -AO. Cold sub-surface temps in ENSO region 3.4 coming on quickly. Solar minimum nears nadir. Moon enters 7th house. Jupiter rising. Bad Moon rising...too.

And the clock/s still ticking dude.

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