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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Year to Date

You know it/s bad. Maybe so bad you/re afraid to look.

NEWxSFC has 27 stations in play when snowstorms threaten the forecast area. Snowfall year-to-date (YTD) for 24 of these stations (no climo for HYA. NYC is proxy for ISP and JFK) are compared to YTD climo and YTD snowfall from last year.

WARNING: the deficits are large and for Snow Crows...they are depressing.

The period-of-record (PORN) average gives all forecasts stations at least a little something through the end of December...with snowfall ranging from 0.8" @ RDU to 25.6" @ CAR.

More than half the stations (13) have not recorded any measurable snowfall so far this winter. Deficits at the other stations range from 70% (PWM) to 99% (ALB).

What about '06 YTD compared to last year?
It/s even worse b/c last year was so good. December '05 in NYC was 480% of PORN. EWR just above 400%. BDR almost 300%.

Some comparisons to '05 were not possible b/c NWS does not publish '05 data in their F6 bulletins.

Granted...December isn/t yet over...but...GooFuS and the rest of that mangy LR NWP crowd still don/t have any good stocking stuffers up their sleeves.

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