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Monday, December 4, 2006

SOI - November '06

This just in to the NEWxSFC newsroom...November/s SOI is -1.4. Still negative but not as strong as last month/s -15.3. In any event, el Ninner is still in play.

'63...'01...'57...and '02 were the hot picks for analog years last month and there/s no change after incorporating November/s index. It comes as no surprise some of these SOI analog years ('63 and '02) are also the top picks based on the MEI.

Interesting to note...'57 shows up in the top five years for well and the winter of '57 was a very good snowfall season across the NE and M-A.

Going back in time to the SOI/s 'Big Bang' in '76 as in 1876...the SOI YTD fits best with '11 and '25...but it/s difficult finding other tele-connected indices and snowfall data back that far such that the 'eligible' analog years begin in 1950 b/c that/s when most of the other index data begin.

SOI - '06 YTD

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