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Friday, December 1, 2006

Season-total Snowfall Contest - The Forecasts

Click image for larger view.

25 forecasters: 15 returning and 10 new. Welcome to all the new forecasters and welcome back to all the veterans.

Donald Rosenfeld returns this year to defend his '05/'06 title. Last year, he bested a field of 22 challengers and was the only forecaster to beat the Period of Record Normal (PORN).

All forecasts have been posted to the website. Follow the link to Season-total Contest Forecasts. Blue (red) cells are the lower (upper) third of all forecasts. Forecasters are ranked from lowest season-total snowfall to highest.

Average season-total forecast is 1047” which is 13% above the 928“ PORN. Median forecast is 1070”.

Minimum forecast is 516”; 56% PORN (Raven2001)
Maximum forecast is 1,445”; 156% PORN (Wxcaster)

Five forecasters are below PORN; two are expecting less than 75% PORN
Twenty forecasters are over PORN; eight are expecting at least 25% more PORN.

Consensus station winners, by percent over PORN:
SBY 129%
BDR 125%
DCA 123%

Consensus station losers, by percent over PORN:
RDU 95%
IAD 97%
RIC 101%

Please check your entry to ensure its accuracy and report errors to the Contest Administrator mailto:newx(@)

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